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Australian Cotton for Your Active Lifestyle. Curve Friendly Comfort. | Free Shipping Australia wide.
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Adaptive clothing or clothing for special needs

adaptive clothing

What is adaptive clothing, relax-fit wear or clothing for special needs?

Adaptive clothing is designed to make it easier for people with changing bodies or even disabilities to dress and live a comfortable life. Generally, it’s comfortable clothing that can be stretched to fit your changing body. This clothing suits pregnant women, women after the operation or in the wheelchair. It can also include features such as magnetic fastenings and adjustable hems, which make it simpler for people with limited mobility to get dressed independently. There is also a range of adaptive garments specifically designed for those who are wheelchair-users. In the 21st century, it’s especially important to prioritise our health and wellbeing and not put ourselves at a disadvantage where we have nothing to wear because of what we go thru. 

Types of adaptive clothing

When it comes to adaptive clothing, there are a few different types that can be worn. Depending on your needs, one of these types might work better for you than the others. Here is a look at some of the most common types of adaptive clothing: 

1) Closed adaptive clothing: This type of clothing is perfect for people who need a lot of support and stabilisation. Clothing items in this category include bodysuits, overalls, and skirts. They fit closely to the body and provide a high level of compression. This can help to improve stability and minimise movement. 

2) Open adaptive clothing: This type of clothing is perfect for people who need more freedom of movement. Clothing items in this category include tops, pants and hoodie. We specialise in this category. All our clothing are relaxed-fit, elastic and buttons free, comfortable to dress and wear.

Who should wear adaptive clothing?

What type of clothing do you feel most comfortable in? For many people, the answer is straightforward: they wear clothes that make them look and feel good. But for some Australians, choosing what to wear can be a little more complicated. That's because they need adaptive clothing – clothing that is tailored to meet their specific needs. Depending on your disability or mobility impairment, you may need specialised shirts, pants or dresses that are easier to put on or take off. You may also require extra pockets to store necessary items, or straps and fasteners to keep clothing in place. So who should wear adaptive clothing? The answer is everyone! Whether you're an adult or child, there's no reason not to enjoy the comfort and style of Adaptive Clothing. 

Where to find adaptive clothing?

We live in a great country, but it can be tough to live here if you're disabled. That's why finding adaptive clothes can be so important. If you like to shop personally there are few stores that offer Special Needs clothing, for example, see stores Fit Bird brand is available in. The easiest way is online.  Stay safe and comfortable. 

Adaptive clothing is designed to help people with disabilities or special needs. It’s not necessary to be sick to wear this clothing. Teenagers going thru hormonal changes, adults recovering after an operation, menopausal women, pregnancy and postnatal period, elderly women and everybody who wants to be comfortable is their body. 

There are many different styles of adaptive clothing, including clothes that can be put on and taken off by yourself, clothes that have buttons at the bottom for easy access, and clothes with Velcro closures. It comes in a variety of colours and patterns to match your personal style. You can find adaptive clothing online or in stores. Many people who wear adaptive clothing say it has helped them feel more confident about themselves because they're able to express their personalities through what they wear.


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