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Natalia Rudman CEO Fit Bird Australia

My name is Natalia and I am the founder of FITBIRD women’s wear.

From the age of 5 I trained in Gymnastics in Russia. Later I discovered the Circus.

At the age of 12 I started my professional career as an aerial and water acrobat/with the Russian Circus Troupe. 

In 1996 I moved  to Dubai to perform on the stage and contracting to different performance Troupes.

My resume includes shows with companies and events such as Microsoft. VW, Juicy Couture, Burj Al Arab, Qatar Gaz, Dubai World Cup.

Leading a very active life and flying a lot, I didn’t want to spend most of the time wearing tight yoga pants. I couldn’t find active wear that looked presentable without looking too sporty. 

Something versatile that you could wear during the day or do some outdoor activities, but still look feminine and comfortable.  
So, I decided to create my own womenswear and share it with other like-minded women.
That’s how FITBIRD was born during the Covid-19 lockdown. 
FIT BIRD  represents the Australian relaxed lifestyle with a hint of Eastern European influence. The designs of our pieces are very flattering on you, they will give you coverage in the right areas, will make you feel very confident and comfortable. 
FIT BIRD is manufactured right here in Perth using premium quality fabrics, produced in Australia – even down to the printing of the logo which is the work of a local artist. We produce limited quantities of handmade pieces with unique colours. 




Let’s be fit and feel free as birds together!

Lots of Love, Natalia